A Quick Fall Tip

Dave Meir
Published on October 21, 2015

A Quick Fall Tip

If you’re already a Rochester, Minnesota homeowner and your kids are grown and moved out and you don’t have an actual life, you may spend – as I do – a disproportionate amount of time over-thinking simple household chores.

Hence this post.

I love fall colors. But I’m not all that hot on raking leaves. More to the point; stuffing dry leaves into a flaccid plastic bag on a windy day is my personal hell.

My neighbor guy down the street uses one of those shoulder mounted gas powered leaf suckers. He spends hours sucking up leaves – one small bunch at a time.

He’s retired.

I’m not retired. And while we don’t have children at home to entertain and so have more free time than many – I would rather not spend all day raking leaves. (Yes we do only have two Maple trees in our small Country Club Manor yard – but still;-)

I invented this method years ago and have used it ever since. I simply rake all my leaves onto the driveway, fire up the mower and grind them into a tiny pile of amber dust.

Then I shovel them into a bag. Or in years past a wheelbarrow with which I hauled them into the backyard and spread them as mulch on my gardens.

Have a great day.