Can You Spot the 10 Differences?

So my guess is, you’re here because you received the “Can You Spot the 10 Differences” postcard in the mail – and you can’t find all ten? Or you want to check to see if you’re correct?

I would agree, some of them are pretty challenging – but then that’s part of the fun.

So here’s the postcard . . .

And here’s the answer key . . .

  1. Eye-bolt on the corner of the ride basket is missing.
  2. Dark spots on the asphalt are gone.
  3. Red and blue dots are switched.
  4. Blue and yellow light-bulbs are inverted.
  5. Purse strap is gone.
  6. Straps on bottom of basket are now green instead of blue.
  7. Ladies shirt is now pink.
  8. Yellow line on pavement is straight – no jog in it.
  9. Stripes on boy’s shirt are all orange.
  10. Safety door on ride basket is gone.