Shakespeare’s Hamlet referred to it and a BBC television show from the late 70’s was named for it; Hamlet said manner, the TV show manor. To the manor born means; destined to be suited for something by virtue of birth or custom.

Whether kids born in Country Club Manor are destined to be suited to something because of it, I have no idea. I do know that most will forever refer to themselves as being, “from the manor.” Manor families moving up to larger homes will often times only do so if their new home is also in the Manor; I know of three personally – they used to be our neighbors. Country Club Manor is that type of close-knit neighborhood


Country Club Manor was somewhat of a boom neighborhood brought about when IBM located here in 1958. From First to Seventh Streets and Circle Drive to two blocks west of 36th Avenue NW the average age of the homes will be within a year or two of 1958. Over the years the neighborhood expanded up the hill to the west and continues to grow west with new construction. The Country Club Manor borders are roughly Circle Drive NW on the east, Seventh Street NW on the north, Country Club Road on the south and the edge of the current city limits on the west – approximately Manor Ridge Drive NW. In the Manor you’ll find quiet winding streets with mature tree-lined boulevards. The Manor isn’t “on the way” to anywhere else within Rochester so there’s very limited if any thru traffic.


Country Club Manor is zoned R-1; Low Density Residential and while you won’t find any multi-family housing within its borders there are some single-family rental properties.

The original neighborhood is comprised of rambler, raised rambler and split entry style homes with average sale prices in a range of $100,000 to $190,000. The homes are modest in size, 875 to 1100 square feet, typically with three to sometimes four bedrooms and single car garages.

As you move further up the hill into the newer sections the homes increase somewhat in size, with the occasional story and a half or two-story and home prices creeping towards a range of $130,000 to $180,000. At the top of the hill you’ll find larger homes, more two-stories, fewer mature trees on the boulevards and a price range up to $300,000.


Country Club Manor is unlike most any other neighborhood in Rochester in that it’s separated from the rest of the city by a large area of undeveloped land. It’s almost like a suburban neighborhood and as such has a very relaxed quiet atmosphere. The separation from the rest of the city can make getting around for younger kids somewhat of a hassle – which can be good or bad – depends on your point of view. That said, the extensive Rochester bike trail system can get you anywhere in town without having to ride on the streets or highways.

I’m biased of course; we’ve lived in the Manor for 28 years and have never found a reason to move – other than two beautiful granddaughters who live in the Twin Cities metro area. You won’t go wrong looking for a home in Rochester’s Country Club Manor.

Restaurants and Shopping:

There are no restaurants within Country Club Manor itself but there is a Kwik Trip convenience store/gas station about a block north of the northernmost border and an Andy’s Liquor Store at the very southeast corner of the neighborhood.

The area north of Seventh Street NW, CCM’s north border, has some higher density residential and commercial zoning and is developed with some light commercial and small office type buildings, the aforementioned Kwik Trip and a couple of small apartment complexes.

The Manor is well connected to restaurants and employment and shopping centers by West Circle Drive and State Highway #14. The following are all within easy driving distance:

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