Badger Hills Area - Neighborhood Guide

If you hail from “across da pond over ‘dere to ‘Sconie” as I do and you’re looking for a newer northwest Rochester neighborhood that’s centrally located and close to shopping, restaurants and employment; you’ll want to check out the Badger Hills area on the west side of County Road #22/Circle Drive NW in west northwest Rochester, Minnesota.

Why look to this neighborhood if you’re from Wisconsin? You’ll feel at home – as most all the streets in Badger Hills are named – it would seem – for Wisconsin cities. Here in Badger Hills you’ll find Kenosha Lane, Baraboo Street, Tomah Place and Ashland Lane.

You’ll need to find out for yourself if there’s an over (or under) abundance of Cheese Head Packer fans that you’ll have for neighbors. (We’re nice people when you get to know us;-)

Finding Badger Hills

If you’re standing in the Costco parking lot, look to the setting sun; the homes you see across the highway – perched on the ridge and beyond – are within the Badger Hills area.

And Badger Hills may actually be a misnomer to some people since the neighborhood is comprised of several different platted subdivisions. Not only will you find the Badger Hills subdivision but Badger Ridge, Fox Trails, Superior Ridge Townhomes and Badger Village Townhomes as well.

You can choose from three different access points getting in and out of the neighborhood;

  • From east/west running Valleyhigh Road/County Road #104 you can take Kenosha Drive north into Badger Hills or south into Badger Ridge and the rest of the neighborhood.
  • From east/west running 19th Street NW you can take Ashland Drive north into the neighborhood.
  • From north/south running Circle Drive/County Road #22 you can go west on 28th Street NW to Superior Drive, which then wraps around to the northwest where it connects with Monroe Drive NW.

Homes in Badger Hills

You’ll find homes in the Badger Hills area dating back to the early-2000’s in the southern-most portions of the neighborhood all the way up to new construction in the northern part.

Home styles are predominantly split-levels and multi-levels with a few rambler and two story homes in the mix. On the smaller side you’ll find homes under 1,000 square feet on each level up to 1,500 or even 1,700 square feet per level – which is really a good-sized multi-level home.

Prices span a range of $160,000 to $330,000 with the occasional property selling outside of that range on either end.

Side by side townhomes in the neighborhood fall within the same age and price range as the single family detached homes.


Within the overall neighborhood area you’ll find R-1; Mixed Single Family Residential zoning as well as R-2; Low Density Residential and R-3; Medium Density Residential. These districts allow for a variety of residential housing from single-family detached homes, to attached homes (like townhomes) as well as multi-family housing and compatible non-residential uses.

Around the perimeter of the neighborhood are areas zoned for commercial use and most of the area that fronts on Circle Drive NW/County Road #22 is zoned M-1; Mixed Commercial-Industrial District. If you know where Mr. Pizza is or Black’s automotive or Rooster’s Barn and Grill – they’re all within the M-1 District.

Normally I don’t get into lengthy discussions about zoning districts in these neighborhood guides but this area is a little different because of the range of zoning districts within and adjacent to the neighborhood.

There’s nothing to be afraid of or concerned with as long as you’re aware of the potential for development in the surrounding area. The commercially developed properties that are here, are modern, well kept and appear to be low-traffic office-type businesses.

If you look at the aerial photo above you can see the residential areas are buffered from the commercial areas by a wide strip of green space. And the single family detached areas are buffered further still by the attached homes that are closer to the commercial properties.

How Far to the Rest of Rochester?

You’ll find most of the rest of Rochester within less than a ten-minute drive of the Badger Hills area. The following drive times and distances are from within the geographic center of the neighborhood.

Restaurants and Shopping

Take your pick, living in the Badger Hills area you’ll find yourself a two to three minute drive from many of Rochester’s most popular stores and eateries. On the same side of Circle Drive and within walking distance of many homes in the neighborhood you’ll enjoy Mr. Pizza (thin crust Mr. Pizza Special my personal fav) as well as Rooster’s Barn and Grill serving, among other things, cold beer and bar & grill food. (And according to my sister a really awesome Sunday breakfast buffet.) Cinemagic movie theatre is located at the south end of the neighborhood and they have an awesome FREE Saturday morning matinee for kids. If you’re into that whole free-range parenting thing you can slip the little ones fifty-bucks for a small soda and a popcorn and sleep in on Saturday morning. (Only kidding – on the free-range parenting thing;-)

Besides a variety of dental offices, a foot & ankle clinic, attorneys and Realtors, other businesses on the west side of Circle Drive NW and close to the neighborhood include;

The previously mentioned Costco is less than a mile away across Circle Drive to the southeast. The Costco area continues to develop but already includes;

. . . and a couple of hotels.

Just north of Costco and on the same side of Circle Drive/County Road #22 you’ll find;

And as the latest neighborhood addition, a new Hy-Vee grocery store at the northwest corner of 41st Street NW and Circle Drive.

That’s a Wrap

Further down this page you’ll find the current available listings in the Badger Hills area.

And as always, if you have questions about Badger Hills or any of the other neighborhoods in West/Northwest Rochester you can call, text or email 24/7. See my contact info at the bottom of the page.

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