Working Smarter AND Harder For You



Have you ever wondered if you were doing what you were meant to do? I think many of us, on occasion, do step back and wonder, “Is this all there is – is this the best I can do – the best I can become?”

For me that time and those questions came in 2014 as I began looking for a new challenge. Sifting through a 35-year career I tried to figure out how and where I could capitalize on my life and work experiences.

I became an entrepreneur at age 25 – the year our son was born – when I started selling real estate in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. Just like every other young entrepreneur I was all brash bravado on the outside – petrified on the inside. Mortgage interest rates – in then 1983 – were 12% to 13%, relatively rock bottom compared to the 17% and 18% rates of 1981; but hardly optimum for someone just getting started in real estate.

That first entrepreneurial foray in real estate sales quickly transitioned to real estate appraising and over the next 35 years I founded and ran successfully several small businesses.

  •   Meir Appraisal Service; a residential real estate appraisal firm.
  •   d. holmes meir studios; a professional portrait photography studio.
  •   The Portrait Expert; an Internet based photography education website.


As an independent contractor I also worked as the property assessor for a small western Wisconsin town, as a zoning administrator for a cooperative of townships in Olmsted County and did free-lance marketing and sales for a private jet company.

Adding it all up it didn’t take long to realize . . . I ‘d come full-circle.

I was meant to be a real estate advisor

My 35-year journey puts me in a unique position to be your guide through the real estate buying and selling process. You’d be hard-pressed to find a Realtor whose only career experience is selling real estate. But I am without question, the only real estate advisor in Rochester – probably in the State of Minnesota – with my unique set of real estate industry qualifications.

As a licensed Realtor with Property Brokers of Minnesota my past professional experience enables me to provide my clients with;

  • Real estate valuation expertise for the home you sell and the home you buy – gained from my years as a Senior Residential Appraiser (SRA) and Certified Property Assessor.
  • In-depth zoning ordinance knowledge and how it affects your use of the home you’re selling and the home you’re buying – gained from my years as a Zoning Administrator for the Township Cooperative Planning Association.
  • Extensive professional photography skills – gained from 18 years as a professional portrait photographer. Properly exposed and composed images of your home are paramount to a marketing campaign that will yield the highest sale price in the shortest time period.
  • Internet and social media marketing expertise gained from building a photography education website to more than 4,000 members worldwide. Industry statistics show 98% of home buyers start their search on the web so it only makes sense to hire a real estate advisor who understands Internet marketing.
  • Extensive direct marketing experience including;
    •   Marketing private jet charter and private jet sales to high income/high wealth clientele.
    •   Marketing appraisal services to local lenders, relocation companies and government agencies.
    •   Marketing photography services to a wide range of local clients and photography education to a global audience.


And most importantly . . .

  • The experience, the can-do attitude and the do-the-work-until-the-work-is-done philosophy that only comes from a lifetime of small business ownership.


As a real estate advisor my business philosophy is borne of a lifetime of real estate industry related business experience and summed up in the following;

“Working Smarter AND Harder For You”